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Bruce Chatwin
My favourite author, a poet with wanderlust in his heart. I particularly like his dabbling with the notion that the human species is happiest when it is walking.

Odyssei is a group of people passionate about the nature of our world, trying to understand it and share that with others. They explore and inspire others to explore our Globe.

A random friendly traveller off the net with some good stories to tell and a nice web site.

Kathleen Lee
Kathleen is a climbing friend of mine who's off in South America, touring the continent and climbing anything pointy with snow on the top. She fires off a regular email and I've concatenated these into a story.

Joanne Norton
Jo used to work with me in London but has gone off around the world. Her regular emails form the basis of this travelogue.

Fergus Stevens
Gus is another escapee from QAS and is tramping through South East Asia on his way down to Oz and New Zealand.